Top five fundamentals for a new retail store

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You’ve got the keys to your new shop – congrats! Before opening day, it’s time to plan the layout to maximise footfall and sales. Read on for five things you need for your new retail store.

Window display

Your window display is your biggest asset when it comes to attracting footfall into your store. How will you tempt shoppers in to spend?

Mannequins play an important role in showcasing your stock if you’re a clothing or accessories store. Browse our full range of mannequins and dressmakers’ dummies here and read this blog for tips on making the most of your mannequins to boost visitors and sales.

Retail furniture

Make your checkout area clear and easily accessible with a till block.

For smaller items, a display cabinet showcases your best products and keeps more expensive items safe from damage and theft. Display cabinets:

  • Look great
  • Help you organise your products
  • Make it easy for customers to view a large range of items in one space-saving unit.

View our full range of aluminium and glass cabinets here.

Other types of retail furniture that might suit your store include gondola display towers or boltless shelving for your stockroom storage.

Shelving and hanging systems

What type of retail display works best for your merchandise?

Slatwall and gridwall systems are a great space-optimiser with plenty of different options to personalise how you lay out your collections.

Meanwhile, tube and clamp hanging systems work well for clothing and give a clean, contemporary style that suits a modern retail environment.

Point of sale

Point-of-sale displays are full of benefits. They:

  • Grab your customers’ attention
  • Attract impulse buyers
  • Advertise special offers and services
  • Upsell smaller items to boost your overall sale value.

Examples of effective point-of-sale for a new retail store include dump bins and merchandising baskets for last-minute grab-and-go purchases, and leaflet dispensers to offer more information about certain items and ranges.

Outdoor advertising

How do you plan to draw passing footfall into your store before they even see your window display?

Investing in an all-weather A-board, or pavement sign, is a great way to stop shoppers in their tracks and let them know you’re there.

This can be especially useful if your store is off the high street, as you can use it to direct them to your door.

A good quality A board can be used inside and outside all year round, with poster space in both sides to include the same or different messages to potential customers approaching from various directions. Plus, you can change the poster to promote different offers, ranges, or sales to suit your latest campaign.

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Everything you need for your new shop

Save yourself time and energy scouring the internet by finding everything you need for your new store in one place.

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