Maximise your mannequins: 7 tips to make your display pop

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Mannequins are the MVP of the retail merchandising world: what better way to showcase your product to tempt your customer to buy it? So, what’s the best way to use mannequins in your shop for maximum impact, sales and branding? Keep reading for our seven essential tips for making the most of your mannequins.

1. Tell a story

Successful retail displays are the sum of many parts, so taking the customer on an effective journey doesn’t end with dressing the mannequin in your latest edit.

The rest of your window or store retail display should amplify the vibe you want to create to persuade the customer to buy into a certain garment, outfit or accessory.

Use props and different positioning to set the scene, making it impossible for customers to forget – or walk past.

2. Make it fit

Dressing your mannequin in well-fitting clothes is a simple but essential step on your path to converting customers who visit your store.

To sell them the dream, the garments must be the ideal measurements for your mannequin, even if this means making alterations to your display.

3. Illuminate your mannequins

Get ready for the glow-up! Your mannequins should be lit perfectly to maximise the desirability effect on customers.

The days of harsh strip lighting are well and truly gone: instead, investigate ambient illumination that shows your products off in their best light (literally!).

Remember, lighting retail displays is never one-size-fits-all and should echo the overall vibe you’re trying to achieve.

Think: disco balls for partywear, fairy lights for festive get-ups and natural, daylight-style lighting for everyday outfits.

4. Mix it up

Before you order 10 identical mannequins, consider what you need to promote your products effectively.

Be bold in your choices and invest in a mixture of mannequins in varying sizes, shades and types.

For example, display accessories on a torso mannequin to draw attention to the head or neck, or go for a gloss pewter mannequin to add the wow factor to a killer bikini.

5. Steam your garments

Your mannequins add an aspirational element to your retail display: they help your customers visualise themselves wearing your clothes in real-life settings and occasions.

So, don’t crush the dream with unsightly creases!

Instead, steam your mannequin’s garments so they appear smooth and stunning enough to attract your customers inside the store or towards the till.

6. Make moves

Admittedly, mannequins aren’t the most animated way to model your products, but there are ways you can add an illusion of activity to your static retail display to help customers picture the clothes in real-life situations.

Raise the arms of a child mannequin so shoppers can see how the clothes work when kids inevitably throw a ball or jump around, for example. After all, this is the reality of how we wear clothes, and helps customers see if the garments will fit into their lifestyle.

7. Drill down into the details

In everyday life, most people don’t wear an outfit the way it looks on a hanger. So, think about the details of the look you want to create while dressing your mannequin, in a realistic, liveable way.

Accessorise, pop a collar, roll up the sleeves and add a French tuck to give your customers ideas of how they can make the ensemble their own.

Once they start picturing it in their wardrobe, they’re halfway to the checkout.

Where to find the right mannequins for your retail display

Hopefully, these tips for making the most of your mannequins will enable you to nail that retail display, draw in passing footfall and turn browsers into buyers.

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