Five must-haves for outdoor events this summer

outdoor events

Festival season is upon us. And – weather permitting – many businesses are looking forward to a busy schedule of outdoor events. Think festivals, farmers’ markets, shows, concerts, fates, and fairs. So, if you’re organising an outdoor event this summer, check out our five must-haves to make sure it runs smoothly.

Barrier ropes and posts

No outdoor event is complete without crowd control barrier ropes and posts. Keep queues in order or separate different areas easily using retractable posts. You can adapt them to suit your venue, space, and requirements. In fact, you can connect infinite numbers of posts together. Plus, their sturdy stainless steel construction means they stay in place and last you through festival season (and beyond). Get yours here.

Grass mats

Festivals, country shows, and other outdoor events mean lots of footfall, which can be tough on grass. Plus, when grassy areas become muddy and slippy, it increases the risk of accidents.

Stock up on heavy duty, recycled rubber grass mats to protect your lawn and avoid any mishaps this summer. Cheaper than any other safety surface on the market, these rubber grass mats are approved by Rapra, the safety testing specialists. Not only do they keep your customers and visitors safe, but they also protect the grass underneath and are designed for heavy use areas and pathways.

Order your rubber grass mats for outdoor events here.

Poster holders

Draw in passing footfall or signpost different areas using an A3 freestanding poster holder. Make sure yours has a water-resistant plastic cover to withstand summer downpours.

Weighted for outdoor use, it will double up for an indoor display in colder months. Easy to flip landscape or portrait depending on your needs, this is an eye-catching way to spotlight menus, special offers, important information, events, or stalls. Get your freestanding poster holder for outdoor events here.

A boards

Like your poster holder, a classic A board, or pavement sign, is a fantastic way to attract crowds and share information about events.

Choose one that’s double sided for extra branding opportunities, and make sure yours is sturdy enough to put up with windy weather. In fact, good quality A boards are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, so you can display yours all year round to advertise new products, events, or sales.

Order your freestanding double sided A board with water-resistant snap frame here.

Outdoor clothes rails

If you’re responsible for organising an outdoor fashion event this summer, you’ll need to have plenty of clothes rails suitable for outdoor use.

Whether it’s a fashion show requiring storage space for sorting and changing, or you’re running a pop-up stall selling clothes at a summer show, your outdoor clothes rail is an essential item to keep you organised and your garments in order.

We sell a range of clothes rails online featuring protective coating for outdoor use, and they come with castors and wheels for easy transportation and portability.  Browse the full range of clothes rails here – choose one with a heavy-duty cover to keep clothing clean and dry when needed.

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