Why your shopfittings matter

why shopfittings matter

Think great products are all you need for a successful retail store? Think again. Without good shopfittings, lighting, and window displays, even the best items can go unsold. Read on to discover why your shopfittings matter and learn which essentials you need to make sure your shop is a sell-out success.

Why are shopfittings important?

In an online world, walking into a physical store needs to create a positive experience to keep shoppers coming back.

After all, when they can order everything from Haribo to hot tubs at the touch of a button, why should they bother leaving the house?

The truth is, venturing into a shop is a fantastic experience when it’s done right, but it’s easy to make avoidable mistakes when planning your retail store.

User experience is talked about a lot in terms of online stores, but what kind of user experience are you producing in-store for your customers?

Do they enjoy moving through the shop and find everything they need? Or do they leave frustrated and empty-handed?

Your shopfittings, lighting, retail furniture, and window displays form a huge part of your customer experience, in addition to factors like your staff and location.

So, here are our three top tips for using your shopfittings to create a positive in-store shopping experience.

Plan your layout carefully

Did you know there are four main types of store layout? We highlighted them in a previous blog here – which one have you gone for in your shop?

Layout is critical for setting the right tone for customers from the moment they step into your store, so research and plan a layout that suits your product range, space, and clientele perfectly before investing in the shopfittings to populate it.

Mix it up

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to showcasing your best products and enticing customers to stay and spend more.

While some products suit a slatwall or gridwall display, others look ideal in a display cabinet, twin slot, or tube and clamp system.

Even within a slatwall or gridwall display, there are so many options for inserts and accessories to personalise your store.

Make sure to invest in different shopfitting and display options to create a visually appealing aesthetic that keeps shoppers interested and keeps your best products visible.

Your shopfittings are a key component in achieving this, but good lighting is vital too, so take a rounded attitude to staging the full shopping experience.

Be practical

Taking a practical approach to your shop layout and shopfittings is a recipe for success.

If your stock changes seasonally, make sure your shopfittings are versatile enough to cope with the rotating displays.

It’s also important not to be distracted by ornate systems and displays that draw customers’ attention away from the products themselves.

Your shopfittings should suit the style of your store and enhance your merchandise, not overpower it.

Practicality also means remembering the details, like keeping a good stock of smaller items like clothes hangers, sizing cubes, and fixtures to add the finishing touches to your displays.

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