Three ways to use freestanding clothes rails

clothes rails

You may be used to seeing freestanding clothes rails in retail environments, but are you making the most of them outside of your store? The fact is there’s a multitude of ways to use clothes rails at home, on the road, and in-store. Read on to find out our top tips for maximising your rails to stay organised and in control of your clothing.

Clothes rails for retail stores

Of course, freestanding and fixed clothes rails are essential for clothing stores. Whether they’re showcasing your newest line, helping you keep your changing rooms tidy, or transporting new stock out onto the shopfloor, they’re a must-have.

Do you have plenty of clothes rails for your store? Stock up on freestanding rails, wall-mounted clothes rails, and tube and clamp systems online.

Freestanding rails for markets and events

Outside of your store, your clothes rails could come in handy in a number of outdoor situations.

During the summer months especially, you may take your collection onto the road at festivals, events, or pop-up shops.

If you do, make sure you have plenty of portable clothes rails with castor wheels for smooth and easy transportation.

With a robust coating, our range of freestanding rails is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

*TOP TIP* Make sure you pick up a protective nylon cover for your rails to keep your garments clean and dry.

Getting clothes in order at home

There are so many ways clothes rails come in handy at home.

Here are three ways to use a freestanding clothes rail to help all the family get (and stay) organised with their clothing.

  • For organisation – a clothes rail is a useful thing to have on hand when you’re decluttering your wardrobe or switching over seasonal items. Much easier and neater than dumping everything on your bed and wishing you’d never started!
  • For display – keep a clothes rail in bedrooms to display favourite items or plan outfits more easily. Top tip – use your rails to encourage your children to lay out their uniforms to make getting dressed quicker and less stressful during the morning rush.
  • For storage – in smaller rooms, a clothes rail is a space-saving substitute for a wardrobe and creates more room for other pieces of furniture. Seeing all your clothes rather than burying them at the back of a wardrobe also makes it easier to see what you have and avoid buying duplicate items, which saves time and money.

Buy clothes rails and accessories online

Need to get your hands on more clothes rails or extra accessories to make your store or home more organised?

We have an extensive range available to buy online, which are:

  • Versatile – choose from a range of sizes and heights to suit your space
  • Sturdy – heavy duty with coating for indoor and outdoor use
  • Portable – freestanding rails come with optional castor wheels to move around freely and smoothly.

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