The ultimate guide to clothes hangers

clothes hangers

The unsung heroes of the retail world, clothes hangers are often overlooked when it comes to investing in the fixtures, fittings, and accessories for your clothing store. So how do you choose the best hangers for your needs? Read on for your ultimate guide.

When was the clothes hanger invented?

Did you know hangers date back as far as 1876? In fact, they first appeared in stores in 1906, when Meyer May, a men’s clothier from Michigan, was the first person to showcase his collection of garments on wishbone-inspired hangers.

Today, they’ve become an everyday fixture in homes and retail stores, but we often reach for the cheapest item without realising the benefits of researching and investing in the right hanger for our needs.

Why invest in good-quality hangers?

If you’ve ever had a cheap coat hanger snap when you’ve reached to grab it from your wardrobe or a clothing rail, you’ll understand the benefit of buying once and buying right.

Not all clothes hangers are created equal, and stocking up on low-quality hangers to save money when setting up your retail store or filling your wardrobe will likely turn out to be a false economy further down the line.

Benefits of quality coat hangers

In fact, the right clothes hangers have plenty of benefits compared to cheaper alternatives.

Good quality hangers are:

  • Long-lasting – investing in the right hangers now will keep you going for years to come
  • Durable – choosing superior clothes hangers means they’ll withstand heavier or more delicate items without undergoing or causing damage
  • Protective – great hangers don’t just display your garments, they protect them from rips, creases, and wrinkles.

What type of clothes hangers are available?

Here are the main types of coat hangers available to buy online for your home or shop.

Metal clothes hangers 

A classic metal clothes hanger is durable, sturdy, and stylish. As they’re strong, they’re less likely to bend out of shape, so they’re suitable for most garment types.

Wooden clothes hangers

Wooden clothes hangers are a fantastic investment, especially for heavier garments as they won’t bend.

Plus, they look beautifully natural and timeless. With the right varnish, they’re smooth to the touch and super-sturdy and long-lasting.

An environmentally-friendly choice, modern wooden coat hangers are usually made from oak, maple, or walnut, but some might be crafted from cedar, cherry, birch, or beech.

Plastic clothes hangers

Durable plastic clothes hangers are affordable, colourful, and lightweight. Great value for money, they suit modern clothes shops and are quick and easy to keep clean and dust-free.

What else do I need to consider when shopping for hangers?

Think about the type of garments you have and how you want to store or display them.

For example, do you need any of the following features for safe and stylish storage?

  • Adjustable clips
  • Swivel hook
  • Trouser bar
  • Fixed clips
  • Slimmer hangers
  • Space for logo stickers

Plus, don’t forget to stock up on extra items you may need for displaying your garments, like size cubes or clothes rails.

Buy your clothes hangers online

If you’re running low on coat hangers or it’s time to invest in a better quality of hanger, help is at hand.

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