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The four pillars of the perfect showroom

perfect showroom

Planning the perfect showroom? Read on for our expert advice on the four pillars of the ideal showroom setup. Plus, discover the essential items to include in each category to maximise footfall and supersize sales.

Why you need to consider your showroom furniture, fittings, and fixtures

The best showrooms encourage a flowing, logical journey. Equally, they display items in a way that demands attention. So, when planning your showroom, it’s vital to consider what you need to achieve your goals.

Naturally, you want to attract more customers and sell more products. So, securing the right showroom items is crucial to making that happen.

We believe there are four key pillars for planning the perfect showroom. Below, we’ve categorised them and detailed our top items within each category to help you customise your space for maximum impact.

  1. Point of sale for showrooms

An effective point of sale strategy encourages customers to boost their basket price by adding extra items before they check out.

Merchandising baskets and dump bins situated close to the till can entice shoppers to pick up smaller items when they’re already in spending mode.

Meanwhile, leaflet dispensers and snap frames can cross-sell related products or highlight a promotion or sale.

  1. Shelving for showrooms

Slatwall panels, inserts and accessories

Slatwall enables you to turn an empty wall into a multi-purpose display with instant appeal.

Versatile, space-saving and durable, adding slatwall panels, inserts and accessories to your showroom display is an excellent way to make the most of all the space you have. Plus, slatwall displays are great for drawing customers to specific areas.

A blend of slatwall hooks, baskets, rails, boxes and spinners will help you personalise your display to suit your products, customers, and space.

Gridwall displays

Similarly to slatwall displays, gridwall displays optimise your available space and help you showcase lots of stock in a small area. Plus, they’re flexible, so you can change your display as new products or promotions come into play.

With a cool, industrial style, gridwall mesh panels and stands are at home in most showroom and retail settings. So, they’re a subtly stylish choice for any environment.

Gridwall accessories include hooks, baskets, boxes, shelves, and even hat stands – so there’s bound to be an ideal combination to create your perfect display.

Clothes displays

Whether you opt for wall-mounted clothes rails or freestanding, portable garment racks, there’s a vast choice when it comes to displaying fashion garments.

Tube and clamp fashion systems are a popular choice with retailers, while wall fashion and walk-in wardrobe style railings are a constant favourite.

  1. Retail furniture for showrooms

There’s a huge range of retail furniture out there to fit out and customise your showroom layout. Choose from a vast selection of glass display cabinets, with optional LED spotlights to put hero products in the limelight. Many come with lockable doors to protect costly items, while toughened safety glass makes them long-lasting and durable.

Wooden counters and till blocks come in all shapes and sizes, including corner units to capitalise on a redundant space.

Gondolas have a small footprint to optimise your space while promoting a number of products. Perfect for smaller retail areas, they come flat pack with aluminium inserts to strengthen them.

  1. Outdoor POS for showrooms

The outside of your retail showroom is as important as the inside, when we consider what tempts shoppers in in the first place.

Retractable barriers can help you organise and manage queues at busy times, whether they’re outside the store, at the customer service desk or till point.

Meanwhile, freestanding A boards can be used inside or outside to advertise special offers or new products.

A board frames come with water-resistant covers and a sturdy steel plate to survive any conditions.

Thinking about your window displays, window suckers enable you to hang signs, posters and even products to draw passing footfall into the showroom.

Where to buy showroom furniture, fixtures and fittings online

With a firm plan in place, you can invest in the right items to achieve the perfect showroom setup. Shop online here to find everything you need for a winning showroom, and feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.