How to organise your stockroom


A tidy stockroom is the key to a smooth-running shopfloor. Follow our expert guide on how to organise your stockroom for maximum efficiency, safety and success.

Why do you need a tidy stockroom?

Having a neat stockroom setup isn’t simply nice to have. In fact, knowing how to organise a stockroom is an essential element of a successful business. Here’s why.

  • Prevents accidents and costly insurance claims
  • Improves customer service by enabling swifter searches
  • Keeps you in control of your stock so you don’t over or under-order (losing money or business in the process)

Read on to find out which ingredients you need to create the ideal stockroom setup.

Stockroom racking and shelving

Good stockroom organisation starts with good shelving. Not only does it help with easy visibility and access, it keeps you and your employees safe – as well as protecting your stock.

Make sure you go for strong shelving for heavy duty products – remember, flimsy shelving will be a false economy in the long run.

Boltless shelving is easy to assemble and can be customised to suit your needs.  With split level options, it’s a versatile solution for warehouses and providing you organise your stock evenly, it will keep you and your team safe and well-organised shift after shift.

Crafted from galvanised steel for super strength and sturdiness, you can opt for different colours and shelving options to lay out your stockroom in the way that works best for your business. Make the most of bulk buy offers available on our website for boltless shelving – just don’t forget to leave space for your staff to navigate around the racking and find what they need without obstructions.

Browse our boltless shelving here.

Slatwall panels

Slatwall isn’t just for retail spaces! In fact, it’s a highly versatile and reliable way to store stuff in your stockroom too. Plus, it lends itself to good visibility and easy access – exactly what you need when organising your stockroom layout.

Space-saving and flexible, slatwall can be your secret stockroom saviour.

Browse our slatwall panels, slatwall inserts and slatwall edges and trims online now.

Storage boxes

Storage boxes slot easily into your slatwall panels to keep small items neat and easily accessible.

Great for saving space, fixing storage boxes into your stockroom display can also help avoid accidents in your stockroom as you can keep walkways clear and tidy.

View the range of storage boxes available online here.

5 stockroom organisation tips

Got the gear? Follow these expert tips for organising your stockroom to make the most of your space and storage solutions.

  1. Store the heaviest items on the bottom of your racking
  2. Use boltless shelving to fill up all available vertical space
  3. Keep bestsellers front and central for easy access
  4. Add labels to save time searching
  5. Always keep aisles clean and clear to prevent slips and trips

Got a question about stockroom organisation? Contact us here.

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