How to plan your showroom display to maximise sales

showroom display

Striking the right balance for your showroom display – whatever you’re selling – can be a challenge. How do you keep it minimal to showcase your products, without making it too clinical? Follow our expert tips to make sure your showroom display hits the right note to maximise sales.

Why is your showroom display important?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fitting out a car showroom, furniture store, interiors space or a kitchen or bathroom showroom. They all share one common requirement: the need for outstanding displays to do your products justice.

From point of sale displays like leaflet dispensers and A-boards to those all-important fixtures and fittings, you need the right kit for the job.

Ultimately, your display equipment has an important supporting role to play. It’s there to spotlight your products and allowing them to take centre stage. Therefore, to achieve this, they must look and function perfectly.

What kind of display equipment do I need for a car, kitchen or furniture showroom?

Every type of showroom needs its own bespoke combination of display equipment to promote its products effectively.

However, some fundamental display choices are a must-have in most showroom environments. Why? Because they’ve been proven to work, time after time.

Below, we’ve detailed a few examples of fail-safe display equipment for any thriving showroom environment.

A-boards placed outside your showroom attract customers and passing footfall into your retail space. Plus, they alert customers to special offers or USPs you want to shout about.

Business card holders project a professional image, particularly in car showrooms or kitchen and bathroom showrooms. In these settings, customers may wish to establish an strong rapport with a salesperson.

Leaflet dispensers stocked with sleek sales literature are a great way to invite customers to learn more about your products. Using them lets customers browse at their own pace, rather than subjecting them to aggressive sales tactics.

Snap poster frames can communicate sales, special offers and the latest news. What’s more, they can convey safety information and updates. Use them landscape or portrait, and swap them easily.

Adjustable standing A-boards can be used indoors or outdoors to present product information.

What kind of fixtures and fittings are available for showroom displays?

When it comes to fitting out your showroom, the options are plentiful.

From panels and rails to brackets and hooks, it’s worth spending some time thinking about how customers will move through the space. This will help you define the best display fixtures and fittings for your showroom.

Remember, the key is to make sure everything is correctly fitted, clean and bright. This way, you can increase your chances of drawing customers in and closing that sale.

How can display equipment add to the atmosphere of a showroom?

In any showroom, you want visitors to feel relaxed, interested and informed.

To achieve this, well-placed display equipment acts as a silent salesperson as your customer travels through your space.

By maintaining clear messaging throughout your in-store displays, you can communicate how your car, furniture, bathroom, kitchen or design services will change your customer’s life for the better.

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